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Housing Development - Clinton, BCINVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY

There are several undeveloped lands within the Village of Clinton that are suitable for new housing, either single-family or multi-residential. Several of these building lots are serviced by municipal services making them attractive for a variety of housing types including higher density developments such as multi-unit or town house construction.

Housing Development - Clinton BCTHE OPPORTUNITY TREND

Clinton is experiencing the arrival of new residents from the Lower Mainland region settling in our area. These are young families, looking to become home owners, and retirees that are looking outside the Lower Mainland area for more affordable living and lifestyle opportunities. Many of these “amenity” migrants bring their work with them, either telecommuting or creating their own business opportunities. These amenity migrants are attracted to our community for its natural, recreation and cultural features, and closeness to family.


With much higher housing costs in Lower Mainland compared to the interior of British Columbia, there has been a growing trend for retired Lower Mainland residents to relocate to the interior where they can cash out from the Lower Mainland market, purchase a new home, and still have income to enjoy during their retirement. In addition, there are other retirees who find by relocating they can substantially reduce their living expenses. These factors positively impact communities in the Clinton area.


In 2005 Clinton’s population was 520 (BC Stats 1998 2015) however since 2005, the population has begun to display to a pattern of modest growth, with the population in 2016 estimated at 630 (BC Stats 2016).


Clinton is on the verge of seeing a new supporative housing environment that will create immediate demand for the new workforce that will be required to implement it. This, coupled with Clinton’s proximity to nearby protected areas, lakes and other outdoor recreational opportunities, along with its strategic location between the Lower Mainland, Cariboo region and Thompson Nicola region, positions the community for future population growth and associated housing demand.

The Clinton Advantage

The Village of Clinton presents several strengths that would support new housing construction locally.

  • The Village has a stable population that is starting to show signs of growth;
  • The community has not seen a lot of housing construction in the past twenty years, making any new housing built in the community stand out;
  • The potential development of several new business opportunities, to be located within Clinton and surrounding area; and
  • Clinton has plenty of water and sewage treatment capacity that is capable of supplying high quality water and treating sewage for approximately double the Village’s current population.

In the Village of Clinton’s Official Community Plan, it is forecast that if the population grows at a modest rate of one percent per annum over the next fifteen years, then the community will require approximately 45 new housing units. The Village already has numerous lots available to develop right now, making for ready access to land for housing development.