Targeted Retailers - Clinton BC

Targeted Retailers - Clinton, BC Targeted Retailers

Niche Retail - Clinton BC

Niche Retail

There are a number of opportunities to start up a business. Clinton is already well known as a destination for its antiques retail cluster. Complementary shopping opportunities will bring a stronger foundation to local retail as well as attracting visitors. There are several “niches” that complement the antiques services: Arts and Crafts; Food-for-the Home; and Recreation Services.
Receptive Tourism Operators - Clinton BC

Receptive Tourism Operator

With the surrounding mountains/lakes/parks and historic content there are many opportunities for tourism. By coordinating existing local suppliers through a variety of tour packages a local receptive tour operator can thrive by promoting and selling Clinton and area as a destination. Branching out into rental services would also increase the variety of nature-based tourism experiences and tourism traffic in the Bonaparte Plateau area.