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Receptive Tourism OperatorINVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY

By coordinating existing local suppliers through a variety of tour packages a local receptive tour operator can thrive by promoting and selling Clinton and area as a destination. Branching out into rental services would also increase the variety of nature-based tourism experiences and tourism traffic in the Bonaparte Plateau area.

Receptive Tourism OperatorTHE OPPORTUNITY TREND

A receptive tourism operator is a business that provides packaged holidays, a “onestep” getaway resource. For a community like Clinton such an operator can orchestrate collaboration among local suppliers and explore new markets by offering experiences based on an Internet solution that taps into technology trends that are revolutionizing tourism marketing. This opportunity also lends itself to expansion into recreational rental services linked to the outdoors such as kayak, canoe, quad, bike rentals among others.


According to Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association (CCCTA) the region, of which Clinton is a part, hosted approximately 550,000 overnight visitors in 2012, but this does not include day visitors so total visitor volumes would be considerably higher. Previous visitor studies in BC have estimated day travellers to be between 10 and 15 percent of all travellers, which would push the region’s visitor volumes into the 610,000 range, with associated visitor spending of more than $120 million.

An estimated 200,000 overnight and day travellers are believed to transit the Bonaparte Plateau area, which would represent about one-third of all CCCTA visitors. The associated visitor spending would be in the range of $40 million annually. A scan of the local tourism industry indicates that a considerable percentage of these local travellers are “passing through” Clinton and thus represent an opportunity.


The Clinton environment will allow combining multiple services and components – such as accommodation, activities, attractions, meals and transportation – to create a variety of interesting and unique tourism packages. Themed tours or experiences – like trail riding, hiking and other forms of nature-based tourism, agri-tourism or cultural tourism – can be organized in the area and would serve as the foundation for attractive visitor packages.

The Clinton Advantage

The Village of Clinton presents several strengths that would support a receptive tourism operator:

  • Clinton is located only a few hours from Lower Mainland (pop. 2.463 million) and has access to a vast world of potential outdoor experiences.
  • Excellent regional tourism traffic exists. An estimated 200,000 overnight and day travellers transit the Clinton / Bonaparte Plateau area annually spending an estimated $40 million.
  • The area surrounding Clinton is the outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with everything from skiing, hiking, trail rides, quad trails, snowmobile trails, fishing and ice fishing.
  • Clinton and area is renowned for its historical attributes.
  • There are numerous festivals and events, many of them in the shoulder and off seasons, that would complement outdoor activities and enrich the visitor experience.
  • Clinton as a destination already has some well-known accommodation facilities in the wider area, for example Big Bar Lake Ranch and Echo Valley Ranch and Spa.